Ludacris, the living legend

We have made a selection of some of the best Luda videos, to remind you that Christopher Bridges was a fucking genius 10 years ago. In fact, how do you call a guy who puts midgets, werewolves and Cadillac Escalade in the middle of his videos?

Many people seem to have forgotten this, but back in the 2000’s Ludacris was one of the biggest guys in the US rap game. He was a central piece of the Dirty South scene. It’s now hard to believe that the prison warden in Empire was, 10 years ago, the biggest ambassador of the South all across the world (the purist would claim about UGK, or Three Six Mafia, but back in the days in the French countryside, with a low Internet connexion, we could only have access to Luda’s stuff.)


When I move, you move… just like that

Imagine that: this dude had a contract with Pepsi (before they behaved as douchbags using Black Live Matters and Mrs Jenner to make money); he was both Oprah’s and Bill O’Reilly’s worst  nightmare and at the same time, he was the best office tourism of ATL way before TI, and way before that soft guy named Childish Gambino.

Among many things, Ludacris allowed Kanye West to produce his first album: the intergalactic masterpiece named College Dropout

In fact, when Yeezy was preparing his album, nobody wanted to put a dime on this beatmaker coming out of nowhere with pink polos, and Steve Urkel’s street credibility. When Ludacris decided to feat on the song « Breathe in Breathe out« , then Lyor Cohen, one of Def Jam’s main execs, accepted to put money on the project. Even if the song was crap, compared to the rest of the album, it was the element of decision for Cohen, because, at that time, any Luda appearance was the insurance of good sales for any album.

kanye luda

Normally, it has to be Game who gets the phone to snitch

More than his huge figures, if we have respect for Ludacris, it’s mainly because with his label Disturbing tha Peace and his bros from Atlanta, Luda has broadcasted the Southern sound and way of life all around the world, turning the general hip hop aesthetic into something funnier with more chill, stronger basslines,  bigger cars, and more titties (that’s the most important part).

20 inches.jpg

20 inch high, 20 inches wide, Ho, do you like my 20 inch ride?

Ludacris is like us, he loves simple things. He’s wakin’ this high motherfucker named Jiminy Cricket that sleeps in everyone’s conscience. That one who don’t give a shit about riding a car with the music loud and the window open and who calls all the girls « biatch » after a few blunts.

jiminy .png

Some of his album covers were nothing but genius: Look at « chicken and beer » man. This cover is absolutely wonderful. Better than Picasso, better than Doisneau, better than Michelangelo (the painter, not the ninja turtle).


Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

Even if Luda is now the shadow of his former self, even if no one cared about his latest album (Ludaversal) and his latest songs, even if he opened the Gates of Hell by launching Justin Bieber’s career, and even if underage people only know him for his appearances in Fast and Furious and Empire, for us he remains THE FUNNIEST rapper of these last 20 years. The Southern Freakazoid in flesh and bone.


So we have made a compilation of 10 funny Luda’s videos and each time, we tell you why the small French teenagers that we used to be, found these videos freaking awesome. There is no logical order in those videos, we share it as it comes to our minds. Don’t search any logic in our disturbed brains, we’ve been dropped out of Arkham earlier this month.

lots of love

1. Welcome to Atlanta

Jermaine Dupri, the famous beatmaker, known by everyone for this track or this one and Luda-Christ, became, during one video, the touristic guides of their hometown: ATL. In a bus with a big « Dirty South » stamped on it, a bunch of typical tourists is brought all around the city to discover all the charms of its different neighbourhoods.

Big Boi, TI or Lil Bow Wow appear as cameos, but what makes this video unique lives in the different postal cards you can see visiting the city. A melting pot, where every member of each community only enjoys life. This clip is like a Martin Luther King address about brotherly love between communities and things like that. The same idea with more fun in it.


After the success of this video, all the big rap-singers from East to West wanted to be part of a remix of this song, which was also pretty cool.

2. One More Drink (feat T-Pain)

Best alcohol stories ever. When Luda is drunk, he fucks with a werewolf…. A MOTHERFUCKING werewolf. Who can do that? No one but a true American Hero.

bobby shaw

Even Katt Williams, who is also Luda’s cousin is part of this masterpiece which represents the heyday of his career. For those who don’t know, Katt Williams’, this time around, his mugshots are more famous than his stand-up shows… and sometimes he gets punched by kids in Public Parks.

3. Area Codes

This song was the main event of « Def Jam’s Rush Hour 2 Soundtrack » in 2001. It may have also been the main event of Rush Hour 2 (I don’t even wanna talk about the third Rush Hour which was a pure « khra » with the worst French « actor » of the galaxy: Yvan Attal)

luda nate

They also met for « Real Pimp« , a Pure classic which is in our « Pimp Playlist« (French Version)

Let’s got back to Area Codes: when the Prince of ATL met the Western Legend Nate Dogg to talk about pussies from the East, pussies from the West, pussies from the North, pussies from the South, and even, pussies from abroad…. this was pure poetry and it clearly deserved the Grammy Luda and Nate won.

If you wanna know more about french rap, there is a French guy named Aelpeacha who has made a G-funk track named « J’ai des chattaterres ». It’s inspired by area codes, clearly. It’s about hoes in different part of the world, and it is Awesome.


They call him the French DJ Quik

4. Get back

A fight in the WC, with « Popeye the sailorman »‘s big arms. That’s a real pitch like Hollywood can’t make anymore. What happens, when a crackhead named « Money low » comes to talk to you when you pee and when he touches you with his hands full of urine? You just kick his ass. Period.

luda gif.gif

For your information, Get back is the song that made Tom Cruise dance in « Tropic thunder« . If you don’t know, now you know.

He kicks that « Money-Low »‘s ass in the toilets of da club, but we don’t forget that amazing scene in « Hustle & Flow » when Terrence Howard (way before Empire) whooped Luda/ Skinny’s ass in the toilets after he found his tape deep in the water. Mayne, that shit was crazy.

5. Roll out (My business)

If you have never Played with the Big Head Mode in NBA JAM, you can’t fully understand the whole interest of this video.

nba jam

6. Stand up feat Shawnna

This is not a clip anymore. This is an episode of the Animaniacs, a true masterpiece. On a soundtrack signed by Kanye (the old Kanye) Luda comes in da club, makes the cripples stand up, ends up in a cartoon and dances with Midgets. He even pisses on a girl at one moment, but it’s OK because he has been turned into a baby just like Marlon Wayans in Little Man. Luda = Living Legend.


7. Saturday feat Sleepy Brown

The perfect song for a ride towards the synagogue on Saturday Morning…


But wait Bro… we can’t use our car or turn on the radio during Shabbat… It makes no sense at all.

At one moment in the video, there is chicken which gets fucked by another chicken under Luda’s window… nothing more to add.

8. Southern Hospitality

Another glorification of the Southern lifestyle. Pork ribs, Cadillac Escalade and hoes from the 404. After you watch that video, you’ll keep Georgia on your mind. It’s less funny than Welcome to Atlanta but it is more than fine. And at one moment, Luda gets hurt by a tour bus.


9. Undisputed

Two reasons to watch this video:

  • Luda is trained by Floyd Money Mayweather, just like Rocky was by Apollo Creed in Rocky III. No homo.


  • Ludacris get shocked by a 8 years old child just like Katt Williams (once again)

10. Move Bitch


You can now move bitches. This article is over. Before you leave, allow ourselves, to introduce Ourselves: We are the website known under the name of : « scatophages », which means … You don’t wanna know what it means. We’re from France, and we talk about funny shit: like dictators, gurus (not the rapsinger) or mayne who don’t give a fuck.

We also love rap-music, not boring introspective shit like J. Cole or B.o.b., we’re more attracted by the « We don’t give a fuck » category of rap music. DMX, we see you!

We mainly write in French, but we’ll have more and more content in English.

Feel free to join us if u like what we do. We have a Twitter account, an Instagram account, and a Facebook Page. If you wanna add shit to our shit, we’re also looking for English speaking contributors. So welcome to the family.

In case you don’t like what we do, feel free to go fuck yourself, or if your dick is too tiny to join your ass, to find someone to fuck yourself, bitches. Hey, I have used the words « fuck » and « motherfucker » 10 times in this article. I guess I am a kind of French Leo Getz or some shit like that. With love and respect.

luda batman

U ain’t gotta go home bu gotta go outta here!!


By Brainiac Xanathos and Kalvin Bruins

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